Being a Leader in Our Own Life, or of Others, Is a Rocky, Yet Vibrant Path

When we celebrate those paths, and encourage the people navigating them, we not only enjoy the privilege of watching others grow — we also reinforce our dedication to diversity, independence, and individuality.

We instinctively want to give advice based our own fears, guide people toward a safer track, and share with them the wisdom we have acquired through experiences. This is very helpful, but only if someone asks for this insight, or feedback.

Give people the space they need to make their own mistakes, to enjoy their growth and learning, revel in their triumphs, and to discover their own path.

Each of us is drawn to different journeys down paths — and these “slippery, and vibrant rocks” have a profound effect on our personal revolution.

We are in this together, individually and collectively to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace, and world.

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